Sunday, 4 February 2001

The Hidden Truth on How Israel Became a Nation

How was Israel really created is a question many have asked for the past few decades. It's stated that Israel was created on May 14th 1948, but the process would begin much earlier than that. Um el Aleq was a small vast village which was originally founded and created by el-Khouri a christian Arabic family. The land would then be purchased by Baron Edmond James de Rothschild in 1912-1913. During 1912 and 1913 Rothschild would create The Jewish Colonization Association which would manage the land for Rothschild as well as colonize it. The area was bought to create a Jewish Settlement from the Zichron Yaakov area to the property bought for the colony in Binyamina.

Later in 1914 the Ottoman buildings would be settled by Jewish farmers whom were sons from Zichron Yaakov, who gave their selves the name Gidonites. The sons would rename the land Givat Binyamina to honor Baron de Rothschild. They would lead the underground movement (NILI) which stood for "The eternity (God) of Israel will not Lie." The group was an Jewish espionage group which helped the United Kingdom fight the Ottoman Empire in Palestine during World War I.

In 1919 Rothschild would come back to the area and for the next three years Binyamina founders would be trained there. The settlers were fighters in the Hebrew Brigade whom would help drain swamps and help create farms throughout the area turning it into an agricultural master piece, despite the farm being abandoned in 1925.

In 1939 during the Stockade settlement operations, a band of Beitar members would create a new settlement by the name of Tel Tzur on the hill between Shuni and Ramat Hanadiv. (The Betar Movement was a Revisionist Zionist youth movement founded in 1923 in Riga, Latvia, by Vladimir Jabotinsky. Their Chapters started and grew across Europe, even during World War II.) The area they founded was quite isolated and would become an strategic site for military training as well as weapon practice. The military activities would come to a stop on August 16th, 1945 when the British army raided the Shuni and arrested members of the Irgun (A right-wing Conservative' Zionist organization founded in 1931. During the period when it was active (1937-48) they would carry out violent attacks on Arabs and Britons in its campaign to establish a Jewish state; it was disbanded after the creation of Israel in 1948.)

Shuni would be used as an operational base for many big military campaigns which included assaults on enemy ammunition stores and attacks on British Police stations. They would become most famous for the Acco Prison break on May 4th, 1947 where Israeli freedom fighters would be broken out of jail by their allies. The land is still under Israel control and is still a hotbed for enemy attacks by Arabic nations.

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